Terrific Moment For A Hockey Betting Enthusiast

The largest series in hockey wagering anywhere in the world is in full swing right now and most people outside of Canada don’t even know it’s going on.

No matter how the remainder of the Stanley Cup betting competition plays out it’s safe to say that NHL wagering followers have gotten their money’s worth and then some this post season, given that the 2010 NHL playoff gambling event has been some of the most exciting in hockey wagering history.  Get to Las Vegas so you can bet on the games!

It has likely been a highly rewarding experience for everyone that has made a hockey bet during this amazing stretch of hockey betting. With just about every type of twist and turn, unpredictable moment, outstanding squad play and standout individual performances the 2010 NHL playoff gambling truly has had it all.

From a sports gambling perspective the playoffs have had everything a hockey gambling enthusiast could want and if anything this NHL postseason wagering event has likely converted a heap of devotees sitting on the fence about the sport and inspired them to make a hockey wager in the near future.

This year’s NHL playoff betting was right in your sweet zone if you like upsets. You can find almost more upsets than in the hockey betting post season this season than tournament won by the team liked in the hockey probabilities -at least in the Eastern Conference gambling event. I mean how else may you explain an Eastern Conference Finals betting matchup involving a #7 seed (Philadelphia Flyers) and a #8 seed (Montreal Canadiens).

If you like come-from-behind hockey gambling heroics what about the flyers performance vs the Boston Bruins in the conference semi-finals when the team removed a 3- series deficit and became only the fourth team in sports betting history -any major sport- to win a competition after falling behind by such a huge margin.

You can certainly enjoy the way the Western Conference wagering event played out if you’re a purist and like to see the NHL wagering cream rise to the top. The top 2 teams all year long in NHL gambling out west were the #1 seed San Jose Sharks (113 points) and the #2 seed Chicago Blackhawks (112 points). By reaching the conference finals, both of these teams proved their class in the NHL playoff betting event.

As to which team will win the next installment of the Stanley Cup wagering competition is up in the air, but with an NHL betting title on the line you can be sure that the hockey wagering competition will continue to be fast and furious in Game 4.

To date this NHL playoff betting tournament has been unbelievable. Several of these games might have gone in either direction, and each game has been decided by a single goal. We may just as easily be looking at a 2-1 Philly lead as a Blackhawks lead.

Now in the Stanley Cup Finals betting event between the Blackhawks and the philadelphia flyers the sports wagering competition has been intense so far and this series has the feel of a potential 7-game classic, and who can whine about that?

2-0 Series Leads for Chicago and Philadelphia in Hockey Betting

Hockey odds likes the Blackhawks and the Montreal Canadiens in Game number 3 since they are the home teams.  Montreal is a -125 favorite on Thursday night in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals versus the Philadelphia Flyers while Chicago is a -155 favorite vs. the Sharks in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on Friday. 

The Flyers have entirely dominated the Canadiens thus far in the Eastern Conference Finals as goaltender Michael Leighton has two shutouts in a row.

Leighton has made 58 saves in the series and the Montreal Canadiens have clearly not found an answer yet. “When we needed to get the big save, (Leighton) did, and when they pushed we pushed back,” Flyers captain Mike Richards said. “It was big for us.” The Montreal Canadiens have outshot the Philadelphia Flyers in both games but Leighton has made the saves. “We’re not out of this series by any means,” said Canadiens forward Brian Gionta. “We got some good chances tonight, which is encouraging.” 

In the Western Conference Finals, the Blackhawks have controlled the Sharks in the first two games.  They led 3-0 in Game 2 and the Sharks were never in the game. Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien and Jonathan Toews scored and the game was over. The Chicago Blackhawks now head home with a 2-0 lead in the series.  The Blackhawks have truthfully been better on the road in the playoffs so that is something to keep in mind as you make a hockey wager in this series. 

With both of the series switching locations it will be fascinating to see if the Montreal Canadiens and the San Jose Sharks can get moving.  Montreal seems the more likely candidate purely because they are at home. San Jose looks like a team that has given up.  They haven’t done anything in the playoffs and when push comes to shove they are just not going to beat the Chicago Blackhawks even if they manage to prevail in a game on the road.  The Canadiens have a good home ice advantage and if they can just claim the first goal vs. the Philadelphia Flyers, they may twist that into a competitive series.

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