Slovenia against United States 2010 World Cup Gamble

The United States was preferred in World Cup bets online at the sportsbook to defeat Slovenia although Slovenia is the only team in Group C that has a victory.


The U.S. was a -230 favorite on the money line with a total of 2.5 under. On the 3-way soccer line the United States was Even, Slovenia was +270 and the Draw was +225. It was thought there could not be much scoring in this competition as Slovenia only landed 1 goal against Algeria and it came when Algeria was down to 10 men though the US might only manage one against England and it was a lucky goal as the England goalie terribly misplayed an simple shot.


The United States feels good about their draw against England but in reality the competition didn’t mean a whole lot in terms of advancing from Group C. This competition on Friday was much more crucial. It was basically critical, specifically with Slovenia having gotten a victory versus Algeria. The US were not going to make the knockout round if they had lost this competition. The US has to at minimum get a tie on Friday since England is not going to lose to Algeria.


The U.S. entered this competition on Friday as a fave which is not a role that the US is accustomed to. It could also be a problem. Landon Donovan has already said that Slovenia has pretty excellent team chemistry and that the US team needed to play very well or they’re in danger. Slovenia appeared to frustrate the U.S. squad, being that they play defense 1st and foremost. Since the US would likely be from the tournament with a loss, Donovan has called this match a must-win.


This game on Friday was truly a tough one for the U.S.. There was no assurance they were going to beat Slovenia, though there have been high expectations for the US team. In fact, Slovenia’s Andrej Komac has already gone on record saying that his squad would beat the US on Friday. Due to the fact Slovenia defeated Russia and the Czech Republic in qualifying, showing they have the talent to contend at a high level, that would be an upset but not a huge shock.


The match ended up being a frustrating and dubious one, as the United States seemed to have won in a 3-2 victory at the last minute. Yet, the third goal was taken from them in a call from referee Koman Coulibaly. Since he wasn’t required to explain himself, the call just stood and the US wound up with a 2-2 tie rather than the victory that they thought they had. Had they won that competition, would have pulled off a historic victory, since they had come back from a 2-0 deficit. The U.S. squad is still uncertain what foul was called and why the victory was stolen from them. For his part, the referee who called the foul may be benched for the remainder of the World Cup for what has extensively been seen as a completely unfair call.


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