Smart phones are life threatening in NYC subways

Riding the bus is becoming more and more dangerous due to expensive gadgets we’ve us. Did it ever cross your head a thief who can’t afford an expensive smart-phone might attempt to steal yours and in many cases stab you because of it? Latest news tell a story of the 19 year old man getting stabbed a minimum of 6 times for his smartphone on the New York City Subway. A couple have been arrested in the stabbing at a Bronx subway station that occurred from a confrontation over the stolen cellphone. The 19-year-old victim nodded off while riding a southbound No. 4 train early Saturday morning. He awoke around 4 a.m. to find his cellphone is gone then saw another passenger with his phone.

Passenger along with a companion got off of the train on the Fordham Road station, and the victim followed them. He was stabbed numerous times, suffering critical injuries. Surveillance video showed a person along with a woman in a condominium within the Bronx, after that the assault on the platform from the number 4 train. Police say a 19 year-old man was stabbed no less than six times in his head, neck, chest and torso after confronting a man who stole his smart-phone. The victim made a trail of blood down three levels of the station, from the platform towards the landing at the token booth, and down the stairs towards the exit on Fordham. 

This brings concern to tourists from all over the world that arrive to Nyc area on a regular basis. This raises an issue of how safe is it for a tourist to utilize public transportation from one of several three airports in the region. Although it might help save a couple of bucks, could it be worth expecting to be robbed or perhaps stabbed on the New YorkOrNj train or buss? Many of us think that riding public transportation is protected, failing to pay attention this is New York/Nj where crime rate is still very high. It’s because the volume of crooks and welfare addicts who’ll rob or even kill you to get something you’ve got and they also want but can’t afford. 

The next occasion you are planning on visiting New York or New Jersey and will afford a car service this could definitely be described as a better, faster as well as a safe approach to travel. In case you are visiting NY/NJ the first time and wish Newark Airport Transportation, J.F.K. Airport Transportation or LaGuardia Airport Transportation you should explore finding a professional service. Most of the companies work tough to provide the very best quality service for the investment, while getting you from point one place to another fast and safe. The most important part is they are aware of the area and may answer your queries on safety which can make your visit worry free plus more fun. The bus is only going to supply you a ride from point A to B, but little you know there’s not just one cop on the trains or buses to ensure your safety. Many intersections in Nyc have cops guiding one to cross the street though there are traffic lights which are made for the exact purpose. This shows how taxpayers funds are wasted on something that has been working properly since invention of traffic lights. Maybe local authorities ought to learn a lesson from this story and do something about it at last, rendering it a secure experience for everyone.

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