Texas Holdem Strategy

In Texas Holdem there is a move called „Double Barrel“, this is a situation where a player bets on the flop and on the turn.

Depending on the situation this kind of a poker strategy can be extremely fruitful or complete idiocy. This article talks about main points which to keep in mind before putting your chips in continously.

Biggest fault with beginners when they are  bluffing is not checking how many opponents are in the hand. Counting  how many opponents you have is one of the most significant things when you are bluffing. Bluff is most successful when the hand has a maximum of one-two opponents except the bluffer. If there are more opponents then you need a very good reason for bluffing and lots of data about your opponents.

When betting for the second time your only goal is to force opponents to fold. If there are four-five other players in the pot it is very likely that at least one of them has a made hand or at least a good draw. Remember that for this poker strategy to work, all of your opponents have to fold!

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Do not forget to check the texture of the cards on the board when you are bluffing . You should consider what cards could have helped your opponent, either on the flop or on the turn.

3c Th 9d 4c – With this kind of a board it is very likely that none of your opponents has hit anything . You raised before the flop, showing that you have a strong hand, you bet again on the flop stating that you have a set, overpair or the top pair with a good kicker. You state the same again by betting on the turn . This results in your opponents needing to have at least a top pair with a very good kicker or a slowplayed set to call you. It is easy to fold a top pair with a weak kicker here.

8c 7c Kd As – Not like the previous example, this one presents a very dangerous board. If you have not hit anything it would be best to fold your hand as quickly as possible. This board presents your opponents with a lot of reasons to keep calling you. Your opponents could have straight draws, flush draws, they can even slowplay you with two pair, AK, K9, K8 etc. They could also have a weaker ace which they can not fold!

Before making a continuation bet on the flop it is good to think through the possible hands your opponents may hold in their hands  . Also, think about how possible it is for your opponents to be holding a certain hand. Remember that your bet on the turn will cost more than your bet on the flop!

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