The Do’s And Don’ts In A Limo

When riding in a first class Limousine anywhere, you’ll find rules to follow. People adhering to these easy 5 limo etiquette tips will help contribute to an enjoyable event without concerns.

1.) First of all, safety should be the main objective for the passengers and driver. Safety factors are often overlooked. Limousine companies will not transport more persons than the law allows. It’s recommended the party coordinator book a higher capacity limousine than the sum of people within the group. More space allows for an appropriate and more secure ride.

2.) Respect the limo. Limousine firms pay high prices for luxurious rides they share with you. Handle the ride with respect and sound judgment.

So far as privacy during service, it is usually at the chauffeur’s discretion whether the privacy windows are up or down.

3.) All general laws apply to all persons riding in the limo. These laws include underage drinking, drug use, as well as standing up through sunroof. These three rules are big no nos. If arrested, the limousine customer is often held accountable for their actions. Most limo companies have policies that state if the customer abuses its rules, they have got the right to end the ride without providing you a refund.

Smoking isn’t authorized on most Limousines, although special arrangements may be made.

4.) Don’t leave valuables in the limo when not riding in it. Limousine companies don’t take responsibility for damage of any personal items.

5.) You had your fun plus the limousine service was great. A gratuity tip of 15-20% is normal, and should be handed to the driver within an envelope. Limousine chauffeurs are known to be friendly and accommodating provided you respect the policies belonging to the limo company.

There you have it: 5 easy and simple etiquette rules to bear in mind during a limo service. Not only are these rules appropriate to a limo company, you can apply these basics to any transportation service including planes, boats, taxis, and even your friend’s car. It is not limited to the benefit of yourself however for the concerns of everyone sharing the ride along with you. Make sure as you use your cruise vouchers to get a limousine to really enjoy your ride!

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